Lg 55la660s инструкция

lg 55la660s инструкция
Now close the two command prompt windows and double-click again on C:\LgDTVUpDater\startDNS.bat and then C:\LgDTVUpDater\startHTTP.bat On your TV select Settings > Support > Software Update > Check Update Version: a new firmware is found! Хуже уже не будет. Я надеюсь… Обновляйте тогда, когда он вам об этом сообщит. Merge Mode: If you are using B-frames as references in H.265 “merge mode”, the size of the references list should be limited to two or less.

Submit a request Please sign in to leave a comment. Fast app launch The Netflix app always launches quickly, whether it’s right after turning on the TV or after using several other apps TV resume Your TV remembers what you were doing and wakes to the same place as when it was turned off. See this section of the 4K Video Encoding tech note for more details. Improved Quick Settings: Minimizes distraction from content with vertical “buttons” on the right side of the screen activated when the Magic Remote cursor passes over them. Any copy, reuse, or modification of the content should be sufficiently credited to CCM (). Fortunately, some Russian hackers felt the need to adress the issue and reverse engineered the firmware update process and made a small business out of giving the LG customers what they want.

Models with a display show the In-Start button on page 5. On models without a display you’ll have to assign the function to any of the standard buttons. I must admit, I’m baffled to see LG pull a stunt like this after having faced public backlash over their spying on their customers’ TV viewing habits. Latest Netflix Version Your TV comes with the latest version of Netflix with the newest features. Examples of TV operating systems include LG’s webOS, XBMC’s Boxee, Google TV, Yahoo! Upon restart, you’ll get a message window with another progress bar (in my case a yellow frame with the foreign language text flipped). The firmware you just downloaded to your TV is now being installed.

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