Ultrasonic distance measure laser point инструкция

ultrasonic distance measure laser point инструкция
You have to be careful not to aim it near any glass as it seems to throw it off more then, say, sheetrock or wood. I think a small sighting device would increase it’s accuracy because even keeping it level doesn’t ensure you are hitting the exact spot you want. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Get your order shipped or delivered to any address in the United States—including hotels. The square foot and cubic square foot features are great though, especially when calculating for carpet or floor sizes and doing heating and air conditioning estimates. Look, I’m old school… Measuring square footage for material buys is pretty much second nature to me after all these years. Once you place an order, you (or someone you know) can pick it up at a Sears store, have it shipped to over 100 countries—whatever is most convenient for you. If you are looking to do some international online shopping, be sure to visit /international.

But this little device does it for you — and you look good doing it. It comes equipped with a laser light and two on board levels to keep you level to assure you that you are getting the most accurate measurement possible. Shopping online in the U.S. at Sears could not be easier. There is a second, visible aiming laser to help with the alignment of the measuring laser.

The actual measurement is down using ultrasonic waves. In addition it completes the buy with a handy carrying case that you can strap right to your work belt. But for 6.50, well it was priced about right. At full price I would be taking it back. With a dedicated business team and special services available only to business customers, you can access our electronics and technology solutions through our wide network of over 200 stores, our website with more than 20,000 products or though your personal account manager over the phone. They did however have the next best thing. I’ve used Ultrasonic measuring devices before, and was a bit skeptical of using this, however I wasn’t disappointed. With simple, single-handed operation, the device can measure not only distance but also convert those measurements to square and cube readings automatically.

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