Мануал brother lk3-b430 запчасти

мануал brother lk3-b430 запчасти
Efka DC 1600 (220V) servoPegasus W644-03FC (364)-M/UT-109 2 ndl. cyl.bed, bottom cover (4,8 mm) aut. Vaak zijn er extra hulpstukken voor siersteken of om knopen aan te zetten. Nähmaschine. Eine Maschine, die mit Ketten- oder Steppstich näht, einfädig oder mehrfädig.Naaimachine. Een zoom die onstaat door twee goede kanten van de stof tegenelkaar aan te leggen zodat de onafgewerkte kanten tegen elkaar aanliggen. Heavy duty machines, Leather machines, Webbing machines, Long-Arm machines.

Flat seam. A seam created by placing the pieces of fabric right side together, matching raw edges.Flache Naht. Max. stitch length: 3.2-8.5 mmHeight of presser foot: 10 mmMax. sewing speed: 3,000 rpm JC-9380 Catalog of Blind Stitch Sewing MachineThe differential feed enables smooth feeding with no gathering. Suitable for sewing such as tents, tarps, awnings, truck covers, auto marine and furniture upholstery, field covers, fabric structures and heavy bulky products. Embroidery machines: hand movement, feed dog, cam operated, etc. Overdæk. En søm, der skabes ved at lægge stofstykkerne sammen med retsiderne mod hinanden, således, at de rå kanter følger hinanden.

Comelz 220V motor pictureFenix F71-10-2MD-04/558-12 2 ndl. cyl.bed bottom cover (4,8 mm) fully aut. Eine Naht, die dadurch erzeugt wird, indem man die Stoffstücke rechts/rechts aneinanderlegt, sodass die rohen (linke Stoffseite) Kanten einander folgen. The machine provides high sewing quality and enhanced productivity, while achieving energy savings. S-7200B S-7220B — Clean sewing with no oil staining.- Smooth sewing with direct drive system.- Energy-saving model. Sail making machines: heavy-duty zig zag, long-arm zig zag.

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